The Hidden Church

Is this a church in the trees or are the trees in the church? Let’s pray for Inspiration.


Wonderful Weekend

My weekend was fun, exciting, and of course Inspirational! I hope yours was too!

Meg Carson Trio at Shelf Life Gallery, Taradale

Making Homemade Soap

I think it is better to know what is in your soap rather than not know; that’s why I make my soap.

What you will need:

100g Soap Flakes
3tbs Water
½tbs Olive Oil
Food dye
1½ tsp Sesame Seeds
1½ tsp Poppy Seeds
1-2 Drops of Essential Oils

A Butter Knife
Two Bowls
Measuring Spoons

Collect ingredients and weigh them.


Put the Soap Flakes, water and olive oil into your first bowl. Lightly mix them together with the butter knife, and use your hands to knead the mixture until it is combined thoroughly.

Separate the mixture into two halves and put one half into the second bowl.

Take the smaller bowl and choose the colours and essences you like. I’m using sandalwood and mandarin essential oils, so I thought the colour orange would suit the smell. Put the food dyes and essences into the soap mixture.

Mix the essences and food dye in with the butter knife.

Add the poppy seeds and stir them through.

Now take the other bowl and do the same process in it. In this bowl I am using Lavender and Elizabeth Rose essential oils, with the colours blue and red to make purple. If the red and blue don’t mix properly don’t worry about the little specks, I think it looks better.


Once the soap mixtures are made, leave them to sit for about 5 mins to harden. Then with your hands mould them into any shape you like.  Leave the soaps to set overnight before you use them.