Seaside Soap

Seaside Soap

Sea Side Soap 4

This is a great idea for a travelling soap, gifts or maybe just to remind you of the sea.
I’ve used the same recipe as this accept I didn’t add any colouring, seeds or scent and I halved the recipe. It ended up making three fish, three larger shells and two smaller shells. You can add colouring, seeds or scent but I think they look quite elegant as plain white. I used a plastic mould for the fish and real shells to mould the shells.

Step One – Measure and mix – as shown here
Step Two – Put the soap mixture into the moulds with a spoon or you may find using your fingers easier.

Sea Side Soap 2

Step Three – Before taking them out of the moulds leave them for a few minutes to firm up.
Step Four – Getting the mixture out of the shells is quite tricky. I used a butter knife to push it out gently from the bottom. If there is a bit of soap left in the shell mould, just work it into the rest of the soap with your fingers.

Display, use or give away.

Sea Side Soap 3


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