Shell Statement Necklace

Sea Shell Necklace

I was at the beach earlier this week and it inspired me to make this simple shell statement necklace.

Sea Shell Necklace

Necklace Clasp
Three or more shells

Sea Shell Necklace

Measure the length of your string by putting it around your neck and deciding where you what it to sit. Take into consideration the you will need extra to tie the string onto the clasp.


Thread the string through the shell’s hole. I was lucky enough to find shells that had natural holes in them. If you didn’t happen to find any like this then maybe you could drill a hole? I’m not sure how shells would cope with that though.
– Let me know in the comments below what you would do to create the hole.

Sea Shell Necklace Sea Shell Necklace

Now attach your clasp. The clasp is optional, you might like to tie a knot at the back, but I prefer to be able to take it off more easily. Tie a double knot on each ring and cut the excess off.

Sea Shell Necklace

Sweet, simple and complete.


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