Rosewater & Lychee Icy Poles

Rosewater and Lychee Icy Poles

Rosewater and Lychee Icy Poles

I was inspired to make these simply by the recent hot weather. Enjoy!

Makes four Icy Poles
1 cup of Lychee Juice (this will depend on the size of your icy pole moulds and how much fruit and petals you put in)
1/2 teaspoon of rosewater
Handful of red rose petals
Halved strawberries

– Icy poles moulds

In a jug mix the rosewater and lychee juice together. Place the rose petals and strawberries in your empty icy pole moulds, don’t be too fussy about this because they will change when you add the juice mix. Pour in the lychee and rosewater mix, the rose petals and strawberries will float to the top. To stop this happening add more fruit.
Put in icy pole sticks and place in the freezer until frozen.

Rosewater and Lychee Icy Poles

Rosewater and Lychee Icy Poles


Origami Bird Mobile


Embroidery ring (Inside ring)
Embroidery thread
Assorted origami birds – I found out how to make these birds here, here and here.

Step One:
Cut three pieces of embroidery thread, long enough to meet in the middle of the circle, about 25 cm (depending on the size of your embroidery ring.) This will be the top of the mobile where you hang it up.
Step Two: Work out the positioning of the origami birds – where you want them to hang.
Step Three: Measure how far you want the birds to hang down. Mine vary in length, the longest is about 25 cm.
Step Four: Attach birds to embroidery thread by making a small hole with your needle in their wings (somewhere the knot will be hidden.)

origami mobile