Day at the Docklands

Last weekend we took a trip to the Docklands, Melbourne. After much confusion on how to get there, we made it! Even though it was cloudy, windy, sunny, confusing weather, I had a really lovely time and going on the Melbourne Star was definitely the highlight of the day. We could see the city, the dockyards, Port Phillip Bay with all its yachts and it was also nice to take in all the little things too. The view of Melbourne was beautiful and it put a smile on my face.

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_001

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_002

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_003

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_004

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_006

Inspiration Rose_Day at the Docklands_005

PHOTOS BY Maya Pearson & Katherine E Seppings


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