Party Bags

This is a very sweet idea for any kind of party, if you want to get creative. You can put absolutely anything you like in the party bags. I put in eclairs, lollies and homemade Turkish Delight to go with the little pink flowers.

Baking paper
Scissors & pinking shears
Sticky tape
Glue stick
30 cm ruler
Pink tissue paper for the petals, yellow for the center of the flower and green paper for the leaves.


Cut out petals, leaves and center. Pinch the petals around the center of the flower and tape around the bottom. Add the leaf and tape it on too.


Cut a piece of baking paper 12 inches x 9 inches with pinking shears. Fold in thirds inwards enough that there is a bit overlapping to glue together. Then fold up at the bottom 1 inch and glue it down.


Put the goodies in, tape on the flowers