Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs DIY

This is fun and really easy once you get the hang of it. The best part is choosing how you’re going to decorate them.

Easter Egg Decoration DIY


Egg Cups
Acrylic Paints
All weather exterior low sheen white paint

easter egg diy

Collage_Decorating Easter Eggs

Step One: Push the pin through the top of the egg and take it out.

Step Two: Do the same thing to the bottom of the egg except this time you want to make the hole a bit bigger. Create a small circle and chip away at it till it’s big enough for the yolk and white to come out.

Step Three: Blow through the hole at the top of the egg. The yolk and white will come out the bottom. Put the bowl underneath.

Step Four: If your eggs are brown like mine, then I would recommend painting them with all weather exterior (low sheen) white paint, so that you don’t have a brown tinge coming through when you paint them later on. I tried using white acrylics but the paint was too thin.

Step Five: Now for the fun part! Come up with your ideas and get painting!

Collage_Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decoration DIY

Putting your decorated eggs in a painted egg carton makes a great gift.